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Becoming the first user of the powerful monetizing tool, Money Button, the yet not fully discovered and appreciated button of the internet, the biggest invention after Bitcoin itself, moved my selfconfidence to a level, where I am confident  enough to take you to my journey to financial independence and betterment of the world we are living in.

My new journey has started

I am letting you guys know, that Bitcoin is not only for the rich, not only for the technical, not only for illegal things. Quite opposite! Stay tuned, learn and earn. I am also setting up website for Czech people with the intention to enlighten the population about Bitcoin Cash, as there is very little awarness about it. And I crated money button, where the whole family gets a portion of the tip. Does not matter then, who makes which content, we are sharing a common dream and together we will get there. We love Bitcoin Cash!

Bitcoin (Cash) is for everyone.

For you too! You can start by installing Money Button to your website, accept micropayments, donations, or sell your content. You can use Money Button to donate/buy from other content creators.

There is much more.

if you are technically savvy, you can easily create apps empowered with Money Button. That is what I am working on right now, just started to learn how to code. Life its funny. Considering the fact, that 15 years ago I had hard to write an email, and now set up a goal to create platform for content crators in Czech Republic, to earn Bitcoin Cash.