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Money Button

Guide to create your own Money Button.

Receive tips for your effords. Easily. Install the Money Button and experience a new way of using money on the internet.


  • easy instalation
  • cash in/out in your favorite crypto
  • get tipped


Visit to get started.  Money Button is a wallet itself, if you register, you automaticaly get yours MoneyButton wallet and user number.  You can also directly sent money to other BCH wallet, like, as I did it in the video, and dont have to register on Money Button site.

The  guide I made as unregistered user, and it took me little over a minut!

Enjoy, and take a step. Contact me if you need help, and/or sent me your website to showcast it here. (this site is developing, and you gonna be between the first ones! Which is an advantege.)


If you would like step by step guide with images, visit this post. 



Check out posts of Anika and Paola and their  Money Button.

If you need my help, fill in the form bellow.  If you fell like you could create interesting content, but do not have website, you can also post here. I am taking 2 cents from your tips, automatilcally. I can crate Money Button for you, you just have to provide me with your BCH addresss.

Contact me, if you want help.




Anika and Paola

Today both of them knew I need to write. They both did the best to let me. Came such a fun from it.

Still Posting 🙂

Today both together, share the fun, and the post.

Credit to Anika & Paola for providing content everyday, (and myself for creating the posts) so the site does not stagnate, until it will reach its potential.

Thank You, girls, that you help me, gave me the time and space to write that article. It took two weeks, till we stabilized, aclimatized. How many buttons were created, tested, custsomized. We also received tips. And share some. People can visite Cryptodignity and tip there and 2cents goes to Eat Bitcoin Cash, Sauth Sudan. I thing its amasing. Multipy output tx, I think they call it. Possible. 



Visit their other posts, Storytelling and Anime to meet them.

I wrote my experience with MoneyButton, and the use of it on Yours. org.

Creating Money Button Live

Live video. Installing Money Button

Hey! This is actually my first post on this website.


The purpose of this website is ALSO to let people to know about Money Button. Here we go, look how to create and install one.

Thank You! And I mean it!

Anika’s anime, day 5

The Mermaide


Thank Your for using Money Button to tip Anika!

Storytelling, day 4

The old lady over the rainbow

Thank You for using Money Button to tip Paola!

Paola’s dice, Day 3

Tip Paola with Money Button

Anika’s pictures, day 4

New version of Snow White


Tip Anika with Money Button

Paola’s dice, day 2

The Evil Robber

Tip Paola with Money Button